INTRODUCING: Digital Bulletin Boards!

Here at 80, we pride ourselves on the use of technology in our school.  Students are learning and developing not only the academic skills needed to succeed today, but the technology skills that will carry them through high school, college and careers to come. With various digital tools readily at their disposal, and the entire suite of Google educational apps, students can learn, analyze, and create learning experiences that enrich the educational journey.

With digital bulletin boards, now we can display the hard work our students are putting into their projects and assignments. Students can post video recordings analyzing their body of work, or explaining their thought processes. Students can create in more colorful and expressive ways. They allow other students, staff, and members of our school community to engage with student work in a new and immersive way. The truth is, digital bulletin boards may seem different and non-conventional, but so were touchscreen smartphones when they first came out.