Back To School Info

Greetings MS 80 Family,


The first day of school was September 8th, 2022. Thank you for making it a successful day. In order to support a strong start to the new school year, we have provided some important information below:


  • Students are required to wear their school uniform every day of the school year. The School Uniforms will be available for purchase at:
      • The main office,
      • Hours: 9AM - 2PM.
  • The students’ school schedule is as follow:
      • Mondays 8AM - 2:38 PM
      • Tuesday – Friday 8AM – 3:29PM  (breakfast:7:15am)
      • 6th Grade Student Entrance: Rochambeau Avenue (rear of school building)
      • 7th-8th Grade Student Entrance: (Mosholu Pkwy, school yard entrance)
*If your child is struggling to complete school assignments/homework because a lack of device/wifi, please visit the school and ask about our device loaner program!
* If your child requires any type of medications throughout the day, please provide all documentation to the school nurse so that we can make sure that the administration of medicine is done safely in accordance to the chancellors regulations.

**Additionally, in accordance to the Department of Education’s guidelines, all students must have updated immunizations and a current school year lunch form completed. If you haven't done so already, parents are encouraged to bring their child’s updated physical examinations and immunization records to the school as soon as possible.**