Frequently Asked Questions about the 2020 Reopening (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the 2020 School Reopening:

What learning model is the school using?  
At this time, we are using a "Hybrid/blended" schedule with some students opting to come in to the school building half of the week, and remote the rest of the week.  The students who opted for Full Remote learning are learning from home entirely, M-F.
Click here for the full schedule.
Which days are alternating in the blended model?
What time is entry and dismissal?
School begins for all students, whether blended or remote, at 8:50AM. School ends for all students at 2:19pm
Where does my child enter the building? 
6th Grade- Exit 8 by Rochamembeu Avenue
7th & 8th- Exit 7 (Main Schoolyard on the side of the building)
What about breakfast and lunch?
Breakfast will be offered to students at 9:00am and Lunch will be offered at 12pm, in the classroom.  Breakfast and lunch will be cold/packaged meals as opposed to "hot/cooked" meals. 
Does my child need supplies for school? 
No. Any supplies that will be needed in person will be provided by teachers/ school staff.  
What if my child shows up to school on the wrong day?  
Following room capacity and social distancing protocols are of utmost importance for the safety of our entire school community.  That's why, if your child arrives to school on a day that he/she is not scheduled, they will remain in the auditorium until they are picked up by a parent or guardian.  If you have opted for the blended model, please be sure to adhere to assigned schedule. 
Is the school a clean and safe environment for my child?
Health and safety is among our top priorities this school year. To that end, each classroom is equipped with plenty of hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and disposable masks.  Students are expected to wear a mask to school and keep them on during their time on school grounds.  If a student arrives without a mask, the school will provide one. 
Cafeteria, gym and other spaces enabled for large groups will not be used for large gatherings. In addition, classroom attendance has been limited to approximately 12 students per classroom, with desks socially distanced at 6 feet apart. 
As part of the agreement for the blended model, a random portion of students and staff will undergo monthly covid testing at the school, administered by department of education officials.  
This summer, bathrooms on our fourth floor were converted from multi-stall shared restrooms to single occupancy restrooms, enabling students to use the restrooms one at a time.  
Each night, high traffic/high touch ares in schools will be deep cleaned using electrostatic disinfection, among other cleaning methods.
How can I stay up to date with my child's grades, attendance, health updates, and other important information?
Sign up today for a NYC Schools Account.  You can sign up by clicking here
Are students sill required to wear uniforms to school?  
Yes.  The uniform policy for students has not changed.  Uniform must be worn at all times for students entering the building.  Students who have opted for FULL REMOTE do not have to wear uniform while at home.  
If I chose to do FULL REMOTE, can I switch to in person BLENDED if I don't like it?  
Students who start the year in full remote instruction cannot switch to in-person blended once school has begun.  Unfortunately, you will have to wait for a "transfer" period to open up, and those dates have yet to be determined by the DOE.  However, students who start the year using the in-person blended model CAN opt to continue schooling FULL REMOTE at any time.  Because of capacity and social distancing protocols, it is much easier for a student to go remote, and work from home, than for a child to enter an in-person classroom that is at safe space capacity.