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Social and Emotional Support

The middle school years can be a rough time for adolescents.  In addition to the onset of physiological and hormonal changes caused by puberty, students all of a sudden develop an awareness of social status and the need to maneuver their way through a larger, more independent world.  Couple these things with increased academic demands and the realization of building towards a tangible future through high school and beyond, and you've got a child cycling through a world of emotions that sometimes is difficult to navigate. 
Here at M.S.80, we know that the social and emotional health of our students is paramount to their academic success.  This is why we have multiple counselors/social workers on staff to help ease some of those day to day management needs of our students.  In addition, we have partnered with Astor Services for Children & Families to provide an on-site satellite clinic with 2 full time clinicians, who can provide more in depth services during school hours.  
If you would like to get in contact with one of our Astor clinicians, please use the information below:
Carey Werley LMSW (Clinician) 
(646) 771-0845
Carlen Hiciano MHC-LP (Bilingual Clinician)
(845) 418-1215
Yanelly Roque (Bilingual Family Resource Specialist) 
(845) 214-8666